An enormous fish

My son LOVESSSSS animals of any kind but he has his favorites also. It used to be dinosaurs, but since last month, his new apple of the eye is whale.

I believe it started when I gave him a book about a whale named Shamu who wanted to leave their cove due to the trash they found floating around the water. It is a nice book for it teaches how to clean-up, protect the environment, and be responsible to your surroundings/neighbors. Not to mention team-work and friendship.  This book is indeed full of lessons.

Then, he saw Finding Nemo and it showed a nice whale who helped Marlin and Dolly find Nemo. Followed by Ice Age 4, Continental Drift (his most favorite movie at the moment), who also featured a pet whale named Precious, who helped the movie’s main characters Manny, Diego and Sid fight the pirates they’ve met at the ocean. Maybe he realized that whales are very kind animals thanks to these movies.

But for me, the most striking whale encounter he had is through this book:


Thank you Tito and Tita for this gift.

He once asked me to read the bible with him, specifically the story of Jonah. I was caught off-guard, I’m not sure if there is a story about the prophet Jonah in his Bible… I must admit I haven’t checked this book entirely. So to save myself from shame, I just challenged him to look for the story of Jonah in his bible and if there is, I will read it for him. He gladly flips the pages of the book


until he reached this page.


I cannot believe my eyes… a WHALE and it is indeed the story of the prophet Jonah and his journey to Nineveh.

How can I ever thank this whale? 😉



  1. I am no avid Bible reader, but coming from a Catholic school, I am familiar with the story of Jonah and the big fish. There are actually plenty of stories in the Bible for kids. Now that I think about it, I have a 10-set volume of Bible stories from when I was a kid. I’ll pass it on to Francine when she’s past this stage of always wanting to tear out pages out of books. 😀

  2. Wow, your boy impressed me. When I think of boys his age, I couldn’t help but associate them with just tantrums, playing with toys, ruining the house, eating junkfoods, etc. I guess it really depends on how we discipline them. You obviously did a wonderful job for him to have interest on things like bible stories and books. 🙂

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