My son’s worst and best haircut

My son is blessed with smooth and straight hair.


His hair from birth. Photo taken during his first birthday party.

A day after that we shaved his hair. You read it right; we (me and hubby) took the liberty to shave his hair down while he’s sleeping. Naughty parents. Haha!


Photo taken during Kindermusik Family Music Festival 2011

For a year we occasionally shave his hair whenever we have time and it always comes out clean and tidy. Until we tried to trim his hair and it became the worst haircut he had so far and probably for his entire life. Haha!


Pangit ng hair ko no?

We just cut his bangs because it irritates him already, we thought we could do it easily but we’re wrong. We’re very wrong. My son has to endure this hairdo for 2 days before he had his first ever professional haircut and his best haircut so far.


Neatly polished hair from Cuts for Tots.



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