CCME Homemade Foodstuff – My first encounter

For the first time, I was able to sample food from CCME Homemade Foodstuff.




Those pictures were taking while I’m reheating the leftovers. Hihi

I have read and heard a lot of raves about CCME and their food, I myself have considered ordering food from them on several occasions but for some reason it didn’t push through until last week when we celebrated the blessing of our condo unit and my birthday. Wink!

Since it is going to be a simple celebration and I have no time and resources to cook for our guests at the condo, my only option is a food delivery. So, I browse through their site and ordered online. They have a shopping cart thing, sosyal noh? But then the OC me still called their office to add a few vital information which was not asked from me during the online shopping (delivery date). The one who answered the phone enthusiastically took my order and all the details about the event. She even asked me if I wanted to order rice. Haha!

Fast forward to the event date, the delivery came 15 minutes earlier, which is something good, but failed to inform me (as I instructed) that the delivery is on its way. I wish to wait for them at the lobby so that there will be no hassle to both of us. Instead, the delivery guy SMS me when he is already at the lobby. Haha! Anyway, I think it wasn’t that much of a hassle to him (I hope). For service (30 pesos delivery charge), I will give them a 9/10. I would have given them the perfect score if they did text me that they are on their way instead.

Let us now go to the food… First is beef caldereta (770 per order of approximately 1 gallon) which is hubby’s suggestion (natikman na nya sa office nila) – at first I find it bland and lacks flavor. But when I reheated it and add a few salt, it turned out OK. It became a bit spicy also, but very much tolerable. I will give this a 7/10. I have high expectations when it comes to caldereta. Haha!

Second is rellenong bangus (495 per order of 2 pcs). I like their version of rellenong bangus, right blend of ingredients and neatly stuffed. Though my son do not like it much, unlike the one that we’re buying from Kamuning market…  I will give this dish a score of 8/10.

Third is the buttered mushroom (440 per order of aproximately 1 gallon), this one is also suggested/requested by hubby. He said that it’s a must try because it is so good and it is really good. It is perfect for me. With the right texture and perfect blend of flavors (garlic, butter and mushroom), I am giving this dish a perfect score, 10/10. 🙂

It was a very pleasant encounter CCME, till next time.



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