Tablet’s Rest Day

My sister and her family gave my son an ASUS Memo Pad for his third birthday. The gift arrived early this month and my son lovesssss it (who will not?). But since I wanted to control his tablet activities, which I think is going a bit overboard… I told him last night that the tablet needs to rest the next day. Being a nice kid that he is, he said OK. But then when I arrive from office today, he asked for his tablet and I reminded him of what I told him; it is the tablet’s rest day and will be back the following day. His face suddenly showed a lot of sadness and he’s so upset that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone, especially me.

I know that it disappoints him but I have to be firm… so I just let him feel gloomy, besides I cannot do anything about what he feels. But, I need do something about it, I’m just not sure what, so I think of an activity that we could do together that might somehow brighten up his mood, well… I hope.

And since I need to prepare coins for our unit blessing this coming Saturday, I asked him if he wanted to help me prepare the coins that we will be using. He approached me and started counting the coins, I asked him to count and stack them by five and as he is doing it… he said, Mommy I’m not sad anymore, and he smiled at me.


That moment made my heart skip a bit. I feel proud of myself handling the situation gracefully and not resulting to any scolding or shouting, but I’m more proud of my son.  I’ve never thought that he would let all his sadness goes away easily by such a simple activity; it was so mature of him not to throw tantrums and somehow accept his tablet’s rest day schedule and all. And because he’s so into counting mood, he volunteered to count all the coins and put them in a plastic bag…


to my surprise he can count up to 100. How did he learn that?! Who cares, he’s happy now and we survived the first tablet’s rest day. Yey! 😉



  1. It’s great that as a parent you are teaching your child to control his use of gadgets. Natuwa ako sa ‘rest day’ ng tablet kasi parang working person ang tablet (may off day). You have a lovely child who is perhaps wise beyond his years as he was able to accept your discipline and focus on more productive activities such as counting coins. =)

  2. I’m not a parent yet, but I find it ideal not to expose my future kid/s to gadgets early. But then again, mahirap din naman na makita nya sa neighboring kids that they toy with it. That’s a difficult task and I’m happy for you that you remained firm and, above all, your son responded well. That’s a relief!

    Plus, he can count up to 100 pa! Amazing!

  3. That’s a start of a good training for kids! Kudos to you and to your son! I remember how disciplinarian my mom was when I was a kid. I’m not allowed to watch the television on weekdays and I’m not allowed to touch the family computer unless it is summer vacation. With this, I owe to my mom my love for reading and learning… 🙂

  4. I don’t have kids yet, and this is one of my fears when it comes to parenting: Saying “NO” to your kid. Haay, sa ibang tao nga, ang hirap, what more to your kid, lalo na pag nag puppy dog eyes na. I salute you for raising such a great kid na nakakaintindi at di nagta-tantrums kapag di nasusunod ang gusto. 🙂

    • When he’s about to throw tantrums… i excuse myself and leave. That works for us, he will dismiss tantrums and I will not shout. After a few minutes he will come to me and say his sorry, then everything is fine and calm. But it took a while for me to discover that trick, I’m sure you will find your own ways when you become a parent yourself. 🙂

  5. So this is what it’s like to have a kid 🙂 You have one good boy there. You’re a very blessed mom. 🙂 I hope I’ll be able to discipline my future kids without utilizing my scolding and shouting skills too. hehe

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