Doodle’s Gallery

Aside from preparing for homeschooling, my son’s natural fondness of animals creates this master piece.


He’s frail young hands was able to put life to this illustration. I’m so proud of him; he can now control his strokes of crayons, making sure that it is within the boundaries of the sketch. By the way, in case you don’t know his latest subject, she’s Dot from the movie A bug’s life.


His first ever creation (at least the one with shape) is the one on the rightmost, on top of Dot. It is a female lion copied from one of his books. And as he proudly showed this to me one afternoon, he said: The lion has no face, mommy. 😉

The rest were done by Ate Fe, his nanny/art teacher. Cool!



  1. I love seeing children’s doodles or drawings, there’s something about them I can’t explain. I look forward to the day that N will come up with her own drawing; it might push me to go out and have it framed! 🙂 Nice one, little boy!

  2. Wow how nice! I’ve learned over the years that kids’ doodles make great gifts for grandparents. They always swoon over framed pictures or handmade cards that their grandkids give them during birthdays or Christmas 😉

    xo Patty

  3. My baby loves doodling too! One time nga nagulat ako kasi she was saying ‘a-di, a-di’ habang nagdo-draw. Yun pala she was singing ‘doe a deer a female deer’ Dun kasi sa video na pinapanood niya, dino-drawing yung kung ano yung nasa kanta. Hahaha.. 😀 Kudos to your little boy. :*

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