Wine and Cheese Party

My sister (Ate Arlene) and my brother (Bro. Bo) celebrated their birthday last July 11… Since, we already had a celebration in the office, hosted by our generous bosses, we opted for a light celebration in the evening… a very sosyal wine and cheese cocktail party.

wine and cheese

No, we’re not really used to this kind of party… our idea of birthday celebration is the usual spaghetti/chicken/ice-cream combo. We have a very typical Pinoy taste buds and lifestyle… very “commoner” as they call it nowadays. But how does this commoner pulled-off a successful wine and cheese cocktail? Thanks to our sponsors. 😉

Our boss – cold cuts and cheese

Hubby – red wine

Our generous sister – trail mix (dried fruits and nuts)

Martie – Skyflakes

And the result, surprisingly AWESOME!  We all LOVED it! Even Ate Fe (my son’s nanny) enjoyed our cocktails. We will definitely do this again. Try it yourself… now I understand why the sosyals love cocktails. Wink!



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