Minimalist Counter – Perfume

Aside from having allergic rhinitis, the expensive price of perfume makes me refuse to buy a single bottle. I go for less expensive ones like colognes or scented lotions or just the scent of my shampoo. HaHa!

But since my sister migrated to Canada, and she’s so generous… she usually sends us a bottle or 2. Though I am not requesting, she kept on sending me. Beginning 2011, I already collected 4 diverse smelling perfumes, all open and seldom used.


On the other hand, our eldest sister is my exact opposite. She LOVES perfumes, and almost… cannot leave without it. She’s the type who keeps a bottle of perfume insider her closet, would bring one along at work and would put it on top of To-buy list (before), now, it is her balikbayan box staple (mine is dishwashing liquid, Haha!). And to share her stash:


Hmmm… I thought she had so much more than mine since she always receive more than I do (not that I am complaining)… but I realized that she consumes more as well. So she only has 5 bottles right now and has already emptied two bottles.

How about you guys? How’s your perfume counter?


I would like to welcome the latest member of her collection, the perfume of DONYA’s… Chanel 5. Clap!Clap!



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