Improve fine motor skills at home

Preparation for homeschooling is a whole big project for our family. We’re making a list already of the things we need to acquire and set-up, at the same time, we make sure that my son gets all prepped up as well by developing his fine motor skills.

This is the era wherein the pointer is the only finger that kids thought to be of value (thanks to all the touch screen gadgets), it is important to keep the other four fingers moving as well. Here are some of the things which you can find at home that can help you improve the much needed fine motor skills of your kids.

Clothes pin – we ask our son to unload the clothes from the hanger with attached clothes pin. A little exercise for his tiny muscles but a big help to us. 😉

Book – aside from being fond of reading books, our son also enjoys flipping the pages of his book and looking at the colorful drawings as his “me” time. This is a good time for me to catch up some snooze while catches up with his own work-out. The thinner the pages the better.

Switch/controllers – May it be light switch, remote control or door bell/elevator button, let the kiddo be in charge. He will learn to manage his strength and deliver the right amount of force to use for each and every device.

Buttons/beads/coins – whichever you have at home that can be transferred from one container to another will work just fine. Use different sizes of the buttons as well as varying dimension of container opening. Make sure to supervise them while doing this activity to avoid accident.

Clay or dough – Make all the shapes you can. This is so much fun! You might be surprised to see yourself enjoying this activity as much as your child does.



  1. These are nice little activities that I also used to do with my son when he was little. We’ve now moved on to tying shoelaces, reading and writing, addition and subtraction. My son is 7 now, so I hope to eventually get him to help around the house as well. 🙂

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