Minimalist Counter – Ring

I once heard a joke that says: There are three rings that a married woman wears; 1- engagement ring, 2- wedding ring and 3 – suffer RING Hahaha! Clever! 😉

With that, let us check our ring finger and share how many does it usually wear and how many does it seldom put on.


I also have three (no, suffer Ring not included) and I wear them all at the same time because for me they are equally important and symbolizes my three vital persona.

First is my engagement ring (middle) – it symbolizes that I am a woman and I am committed to love and be loved. Even during my younger days, I would always say that engagement ring would be the very first ring that I would wear. Hopeless romantic me!

Second is my wedding ring (first, from finger tip) – obviously it is a symbol of my wifehood. No more, no less.

Third is my eternity/mother’s ring (third, from finger tip) – This is a gift from my husband and our newly born son for my very first mother’s day celebration (2010). It is a symbol of eternal love, my eternal love for them and theirs for me. Sweet!


Excuse me for my dry-wringkled-old-looking-hand. I’m born with it. ;(



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