Is this my only hope?

As I have mentioned in my previous post, my hands are innately dry/wrinkled/old-looking/somehow-rough. Even during my younger days that I’m not really doing household chores and I’m at the peak of my kikay days, it has never been soft. I deem that my husband’s hand is suppler than mine and I just accept the hard fact… it’s hopeless. Shame!

But I was able to see a spark of light at the end of the very long and very dark tunnel… when my ever generous boss gave me this:


It gave my hand instant smoothness; I swear,upon putting it on, I felt the difference. I just do not know yet if it will, even at a very small degree, improve my hand’s poor condition. But I’m hopeful now. I shall update this blog as soon as I’ve get to see an effect. Fingers crossed! 😉



  1. wow, masubukan nga yan. i’ve had the same problems with my hands lately. maybe because i was the dishes nga. kaya lagi akong may baon na lotion sa bag ko. the wrinkles can be very distracting. 😦

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