Ten facts I love about our condo

I know that condo living is not for everyone… but it is for me and my family. Why?… Why not? 😉

condo2    condo4    condo3    condo1

  1. Accessible – I’m not only referring to mass transportation (LRT2 and jeepney), but also to a number of banks (Metrobank, BPI, BDO, Eastwest and Union Bank), supermarkets (Savemore and Robinsons) and other life necessity provider (fastfood chains, restaurants, malls, schools and hospitals).
  2. Convenient – Everything that I mentioned above can be reached by foot. A few minutes of walking around can make you finish your week’s errands.
  3. Simple and Basic – Our basic needs are provided (with a little extra), just right for the minimalist lifestyle that we have. (see my earlier post)
  4. Security and Monitoring – Guards and CCTV are all over the building and are wide awake 24/7.
  5. Easy to clean – I can finish cleaning the whole unit before Marlin can find Nemo and garbage collector knocks twice a day so rubbish will not be a problem.
  6. Well lighted and well ventilated – Our unit faces east, so we are usually awakened by the rising sun and it remained lighted until late afternoon. Also, we can manage to use one ceiling fan together with slightly open windowpane and feel comfy.
  7. Emergency Power – I don’t know if this is standard to all condominiums (this is our first unit), but I’m so impressed that there are standby generator sets in case of power interruptions, not only for lights, but also for refrigerator and a bonus electrical outlet.
  8. Mail Room – All our letters, bills and other communications will be dropped to our mail box. We just need to check them regularly. Even parcel will be accommodated.
  9. Teaches respect – Last Sunday, my son asked me if he could watch TV, I said OK. But he didn’t turn on the TV set immediately; He looked at me and said, Mommy, if I watch TV, will daddy wake-up? His question caught me off-guard. I didn’t know that respect for somebody’s time and space will be best explained by our sofa bed.
  10. Sets the Vacation Mood ON – May it be a morning walk to catch breakfast or riding the train to have our favorite lunch or lounging around the common areas or attending mass at our neighboring church, name it, we’re like on vacation weekend after weekend.


  1. When you mentioned “unsolicited comments” on GT regarding your condo, those are negative ones right? I wonder what could be wrong with your condo or living in it. Moving there seems to be a very wise decision at least for me.

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