Minimalist Counter – Wrist Watch

Today I saw a picture of my good friend’s collection of wrist watches. She has eight gorgeous pieces, and her hubby commented “addict lang” 😉


I’m happy that she feels great about her collection but it also made me think of the subjective definition of quantity. For me, 8 pcs is a bunch, but for my friend maybe it’s just enough to satisfy her attraction over watches (for now). For her husband, owning eight pieces equates to addiction already (he’s not serious I’m sure) but for some of you, it may still be few because you own a lot more.

So, how many is enough?

By definition; enough – occurring in such quantity, quality or scope as to fully meet demands, needs or expectations (from Merriam-Webster).

That’s it, very clearly stated that it depends on demands, needs or expectations, so as long as we can we can say that we need it, or we feel the demand for it, or it is expected of us to have that amount, that is ENOUGH.

In that case, I would like to share my own numbers, not to flaunt or draw pity but just to make an account of it, share interesting stories about it and to encourage an exchange of figures/stories with one and all. This could also be our way to recognize how blessed we are in all aspects of life.

This is my one and only watch (which I rarely use):

watch ko

I bought this last 2009 because I lost my 9-year-old Timex at LRT2 Santolan Station. There was a huge crowd of passengers at the station exit because it was so raining hard. I was able to come out of the thick flock in one piece but with a missing watch. Sob.

Feel free to share your personal piece/s and let us amuse each other. 😉


I’d like to thank my friend Cathy for sharing her collection.



  1. I used to have just one trusty wristwatch too, a classic silver Fossil, which I almost never take off. But since it broke (I could not bother myself to have it fixed) I have not worn watches again on a regular basis. Sometimes I borrow Mama’s or even my daughter’s when I feel like it, otherwise I just reply on my mobile for checking the time. 😉

  2. Just like you, I only have 1 watch. Normally, I go for silver watches para madaling bagayan. I lost my watch for more than a year now and I still haven’t bought a replacement. Thanks for the reminder to act on it na. Haha!

  3. i only have one watch too and it’s been with me for almost a decade. i don’t even know the brand, i think it was a freebie from a time magazine subscription. but whoa to your friend… eight watches?!?

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