Watson’s the Chemist

Kids love to explore and part of exploring is getting their hands on everything they could reach. That’s why rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers and baby wipes became one of every moms’ essentials. And being a-trying-hard-to-be-organized mom, I have an easy to grab ethyl alcohol spray bottle (15mL) at all times. I make sure that I have a full bottle whenever we leave the house, aside from just being ready at all times, I would like to avoid unnecessary expenses. If incase we run out of supply while on vacation, I buy the usual big bottle that I buy regularly at supermarket, this will serve as my advance purchase for our next schedule of replenishment. I save the cost of the small (sometimes with atomizer) containers which is most of the time more expensive than the ethyl alcohol itself.

With this kind of scheme, I confidently brought my ever dependable spray bottle on our vacation last May in Hong Kong and put it in my hand-carry bag. I made sure that it is full and told myself that I will just buy at Watsons in case we ran out of supply. And true enough, the day before we leave our alcohol supply ran out but it didn’t bother me much since there are lots of Watsons and other grocery stores along Nathan Road. But to my surprise, I cannot seem to find any alcohol on display, I asked the pharmacy assistant to help me look for the alcohol and she gladly assisted me. On the last row, bottom shelf, there are 4 pcs of this:


I thanked her and grab one, went straight to the cashier and received the biggest surprise from Hong Kong!


That small bottle costs 22HKD?! Whaaaat?!

This “chemist” is charging too much. Hmmp! Never again!



  1. Hehe. HK is an expensive place, parang Korea lang according to hubby (cos I’ve never been to Korea). When I was still working in HK, I would always check the price of the item in peso before finally paying. Adik lang! 🙂

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