Efforts of a minimalist (car)

I have very few requirements when it comes to car, umaandar, may-aircon at malinis ang loob. Especially if it is a company car, as long as it can transport me to my destination safe and sound, I wouldn’t mind if it is almost 20 years old. But again, it’s just me and not everyone else.

Last Thursday, my cousin/officemate fetched me at FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in Alabang after my 2-day seminar. The rain has stopped and the traffic is terrible. We’re about to exit at Bicutan when we saw a long queue at the toll gate. Good thing we have E-pass, so we went straight to the left most lane (e-pass lane) and lined-up next to a relatively new white Toyota Hilux, then an enforcer approached our car.

Enforcer1: Sir, lisensya!

Cousin: Boss…a-

Enforcer1: (Nagmamadali), itabi mo muna pagkatapos mo magbayad (sabay alis)

Cousin: Ano kaya violation natin?

Me: Oo nga… (nag-iisip), baka coding? Di ba walang coding dito? (our plate ending is 7)

After passing through the toll gate:

Enforcer2: Sir, swerving po kayo. Nakita po kayo sa camera.

Cousin: Sir, bakit naman po swerving, sa C5 naman po pwede…

Enforcer2: malapad po kasi doon, dito po masikip…

Me: (nakisabat na) eh sumunod lang kami doon (sabay turo sa hilux sa unahan)

Cousin: Oo nga po, sumunod lang po ako sa kanya (tinuro rin)

Enforcer2: Eh e-pass po yun…

Me: (sumabat agad-agad) e-pass din kami

Enforcer2: Looked at our car (mula bubong hanggang gulong), E-pass kayo???

Cousin and Me: Opo (sabay pakita ng e-pass device)

Enforcer2: Bat di nyo agad sinabi? (feeling awkward)

We might be driving an old car, but it doesn’t mean we cannot afford to get an e-pass and have a 6,000+ peso load balance. Yabang. Hehe! Peace! 😉



  1. wow, what a discriminating officer. haha! for me lang ha, mas matibay pa nga minsan yung mga old models ng kotse compared to the brand new ones we have now. the last car we had at home lasted for 25 years before nasira. 🙂

  2. Hahaha oh my gosh. That is very discriminating naman. Masakit ah– coming from someone who has to deal with riding in an uberly old family car. My dad doesn’t want to get a new car as long as kaya pang tumakbo nitong car namin.

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