Daddy’s “weird” siopao


I remember my father used to bring home a weird siopao; the bun is greasy, the meat filling has a lot of onion chives and the siopao sauce is missing. I don’t like the whole idea of this siopao, its like a siopao gone-all-wrong, but still I will eat my share so that I will not disappoint him.

After so many years, I’ve read about this delicacy in Binondo that is receiving a lot of raves… a fried siopao. I became curios about it and decided to give it try. After my first bite, I knew exactly that this is the same weird siopao that my father used to bring us. The texture, the taste and even the smell remain unchanged after more than 20 years.

Kudos to the maker of this fried siopao for maintaining their traditional recipe… you made a child’s happy memory back to life. However I find it delicious now!


Thanks ate for the weird siopao. 🙂



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