Love at First Sight

Four years ago, I saw this blue fence with SMDC logo in front of our office in New Manila. I got curious so I instantly called the telephone number to inquire. The lady who took my call said that they are going to build a fully-furnished condominium tower there. I got so interested and excited, I took the details and discussed it to my husband. Since we were newlyweds and actively looking for a house to buy, we gave this project a try. We thought that it would be perfect for me since it is just in front of my office (it means extended sleep for me, hehe).

We met the sales agent and made some serious negotiations in terms of payment that is within our budget and since it is on a pre-selling status, we got a great arrangement. We sealed the deal last August 30, 2009 by paying our reservation and down payment.

While diligently paying for the down payment (we got it at zero interest for 36 months), a lot of things has changed. We had a baby, we got a house in Antipolo and our office moved out of New Manila. Because of that we planned to rent out the unit upon completion and use the rental fee to pay the amortization. A very practical and promising plan, isn’t it?

The waiting is finally over; we received a letter saying that our unit is ready for inspection. The ever excited me immediately set an appointment and scheduled the visit to our unit. I even prepared some questions regarding leasing options, we have this all planned already and I’m so ready to meet our future cash cow… but upon seeing our unit everything changed. WE (me, marvin and martie) instantly fell in love with it that we want it for ourselves to enjoy.

With that, we would like to welcome you to OUR HOME.

photo (93)


photo (92)

sink and ref

photo (94)

dining set with TV & DVD player

photo (90)


photo (91)

sofa bed with side table (perfect for hubby’s lappy)

photo (95)


photo (89)

lounge at the lobby

photo (97)

another lounge at the 7th floor (where the pool is located)

photo (96)

enjoying the lounge at the Penthouse

photo (98)

the key to our new home



  1. oh wow, ang ganda! i wish i’d be financially stable na so that i can afford a place of my own. i feel like i’m more suited for condo living talaga eh.:) hehe! congrats. the long wait is finally over.

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