CHAMPS Bloggers Event

I’ve been busy with so many things (great things you know! ;-)) these past few days that causes my blog to take a break, but I’m back now, after attending a Bloggers Get-to-know event (my very first), sponsored by Champs Chewable Multivitamins and I’d like to share with you the remarkable experience I’ve had.


Since I’m practically new with blogging, this is the first invitation I received through an FB group that I joined in (remember, I joined FB last month). Being the newbie that I am, I have no idea what happens during events like this, I don’t have a single clue on what to expect, I just trust mommy Glaiza who posted the invitation and my intuition that it’s going to be a fun and learning experience, and I’m so RIGHT!

I arrived at the venue (Cerchio Grill & Lounge) a few minutes past the call time, unexpected traffic of course. When I stepped inside the room, there was a number of mom bloggers already seated and chatting non-stop. They didn’t seem to notice me come in (why would they bother anyway?). I’m not narcissistic or what, don’t get me wrong… it’s just that they look like they are long time friends already and I immediately thought that maybe I’m the only one here who doesn’t know a single soul so help me God. 😉 But before the awkward air engulfs me… I manage to take a seat, the one nearest to the door (so that I can go out immediately if I cannot stand the suffocation of awkwardness). Contrary to my abrupt impression, as soon as I settled into my seat, I get to have small chats here and there, no introduction needed; we’re just exchanging thoughts about anything and everything that pops our mind, I immediately felt at home.

After a few munch and crunch and a lot of chitchat, the main purpose of the event have come, the launch of a new supplement for kids, CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins. Ms. Alina, the Business Manager introduced the company (CCM International (Philippines), Inc.) while Dra. Malou Escobar enlightens us with the importance of vitamins and vitamin supplementation. We all listened attentively and exchanged various comments and views, not to mention occasional jokes from Dra. Escobar. Then, Ms. Alina introduced their products which are all chewable vitamins for kids 2 years and up. At the end of the product presentation, there was a Q&A, ala Ms. Universe. Hehe. Just kidding, it’s just the simple give-away questions that we moms take so seriously, to the point that Ms. Alina had a difficulty determining who raises her hand first. All of us had so much fun. I learned a lot and brought home a lot also. Aside from the prize from the Q&A (I got the easiest question, lucky me!), they gave out product samples for our kids to try and SHARE but most especially I got a very enriching experience with all the moms there plus a bonus new friends. Thanks CHAMPS and More Power.



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