A flower that will last forever

My father gave me a flower before he passed away… as in a few minutes before he passed away. I’m sorry that I cannot expound on that incident… I’m not ready yet.

That flower is no ordinary one because it can stay beautiful forever. No, it’s not a leis of everlasting, it is a casted VMJ (Vanda Miss Joaquim), Singapore’s National flower coated with gold and made into a pendant.

photo (3)    photo (4)

My very sweet and ever thoughtful father brought it home for me from his short trip to Singapore… and now that Father’s Day is coming, and you are not here any more dad, all I can do is to keep this flower close to my heart. I love you dad but most specially I miss you. And I will miss you…forever.



  1. You make me feel grateful that I still have my Dad with me. Thanks for reminding me that every minute with my father should always be cherished. I’m sure your father knows how much you love him even at his last moments. And I think the flower that he gave you symbolizes that you should stay happy and that he will always be with you.

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