Why do I love Cignal TV?

Before anything else, I would like to emphasize that this is purely my own personal experiences with the company, their staff and sub-contractors.

  1. Courteous, knowledgeable and elaborate customer service representative.

All my inquiries prior to availing their services were entertained/answered to the best of their knowledge and abilities.

  1. Prompt delivery of services.

All the necessary cable connections (physical/material) were installed in less than 48 hours after I sent the application form and the complete documentary requirements (both online). The cable connection was activated within 24 hours from the time of installation, just as promised.

  1. Technical Support Representatives are helpful and discerning.

One day my son told me that there is something “wrong” with the TV, a black-screen-display, so I told him that I will call Cignal first to help us because I’m a proletarian in electronic devices. The personnel on the other line immediately gave me my much needed help, he said that we will perform the basic troubleshooting and in the middle of our “troubleshooting 101” we discovered that the digibox is OFF. Awkward!

  1. Payment is as easy as 1,2,3.

Bills are sent online and payments can be settled online as well (bpiexpressonline).

  1. Lots of freebies and upgrades.

When we enrolled last March 2013, they had a promo; free subscription for two months. Meaning our April and May subscriptions are free. Then just this weekend we discovered that we have new HD channels aside from the three channels included in our subscription package. Anxious about the upcoming bill, I checked their website, and here’s what I saw:


Yey! So happy. I heart CIGNAL TV.



  1. We don’t have cable provider right now and your post is so helpful for me, however, I’ve read before na hindi masyadong maganda ang reception nila. Well, maybe they’ve improve they signal strength.

  2. Hi! Cignal Tv is nationwide. Even in the province. You can experience digital programming. Please contact cignal at 02-2446251 for metro manila or 1-800-10-244-6251 for toll free HL outside the metro. Or visit http://www.cignal.tv for details. Thanks Miss Chemist for acknowledging. Glad to be of service. 🙂

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