Anniversary at the Park

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary last May 10… It was our 5th as husband and wife and 8th as boyfriend and girlfriend… and it was the third special occasion that we celebrated at Hong Kong, isn’t that the perfect example of sulit? Getting more than what you paid for?

Since we haven’t dated in a theme park or zoo… ever… we decided to spend it at Ocean Park Hong Kong and of course I know that my son would like it also because he lovesss (and is almost obsessed with) animals.

Here, I’d like to share with you how did we spend that day at the park and probably might give you some tips on how to maximize your visit in one of the largest theme park in Asia-pacific (

We arrived early,

photo (19)     photo (18)

a few minutes passed 10 am (the park opens at 10am), with the pre-bought tickets, making our entrance a breeze.


yes, our son got a free entrance… again! 🙂

Upon entrance, we met the Ocean Park’s mascot (Swift)

photo (20)

and other few personalities at the park on our way to the cable car station.

photo (21)    photo (22)    photo (23)    photo (24)   photo (25)   photo (26)   photo (27)   photo (29)       photo (30)    photo (31)

We decided to ride the cable car first because we’re all first timers and at the same time there’s always a long queue for this ride (maybe there’s a lot of first timers just like us). Wink!

photo (32)

I love this ride, so relaxing and very private.

When we reached Summit (one major part of Ocean Park), we started to check the animal showcases. We did not watch any show because I know it will be a test of my son’s attention span… and probably my patience and my husband’s temperament. We just explore the park to our hearts content.

photo (34)   photo (35)

Sea Jelly Spectacular is indeed spectacular (for me). The Garden of Joy is being cleaned, the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium is still close that time and the Ocean Theatre is undergoing maintenance, so we just walk down the less populated part of the park going to the Adventure Land and take the longest outdoor escalator going up to our next destination, Pacific Pier. But before that, we decided to check the ferris wheel if we can try it with our son, but my husband protested because its almost noon time and it is sooo hot (he’s the only one who doesn’t have a cap cause I’m wearing his cap ;-). So, we grab a bite instead. Some fries and other snacks plus ice cream to combat the heat.

photo (40)    photo (36)        photo (38)   photo (39)

Passing by the Rainforest, we saw some birds and turtoise replica. Since there are a lot of advisory regarding bird flu, we intentionally skip this part of the park to lessen our exposure. Better safe than sorry.

photo (41)    photo (42)

Our next stop; North Pole Encounter, Arctic Fox Den and South Pole Spectacular. In front of the entrance lobby, there is a “bubble girl” who saw my son’s tremendous excitement over bubbles and gave him a gift (sticker). Thank you . 😉

photo (47)    sticker    photo (48)    photo (43)    photo (45)    photo (46)    photo (56)    photo (49)    photo (50)    photo (51)        photo (53)    photo (54)

After we’ve seen what the Summit has to offer we decided to go back to the Waterfront (the other major part of Ocean Park) via Ocean Express (a train), it was a nice train but I prefer the cable car – don’t ask, please.

photo (55)

In front of the Ocean Express exit, there is a hotdog stand that sells grilled chicken cheese sausage… the best! Try it. I highly recommend this, we ate a total of 4 sausages that day, best with mustard and tomato ketchup.

After a much needed rest and snack, we lined-up for the Sea Life Carousel and explore the rest of the animals at the Waterfront.

photo (57)

just making an important call 😉

photo (58)

mom?! dad?! where are you?

photo (59)

the famous panda

photo (60)

red panda

photo (61)


photo (62)

believe me, the otter is there 😉

photo (63)

most interesting gold fish for me

photo (64)

their very own golden monkey

photo (71)

brave boy!

photo (72)    photo (77)

photo (74)


photo (76)

hammerhead shark

photo (78)

lion fish – most venomous fish

photo (79)


photo (82)

sea horse

photo (85)

spider crab

photo (80)

nautilus, the “living fossil”

photo (87)

sea urchin

photo (84)

We’re supposed to wait for the light and fountain show (Symbio) but our feet and legs are throbbing and hurting already so we decided to call it a day at 5pm.

We had a fun and tiring day at the Ocean Park but we will never get tired reminiscing such a wonderful time.

photo (86)



  1. Hey congratulations! I hope by the time we reach our 5th anniv, we have already explored the entire of Philippines so I won’t feel bad touring abroad, too! 🙂 (Some sort of a promise to my country haha)

    • Thanks! And congratulations also (if my memory serves me right, you just got married, right?). I have that sort of promise as well which I wasnt able to keep… Hehe! Low airfares are irresistable. But don’t feel bad about touring abroad first bacause my husband and I appreciated/cherished the Philippines MORE after visiting Hong Kong. There’s no place it. Hehe!

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