Birthday at the Museum

The second special occasion that we are celebrating in Hong Kong is our son’s third birthday. Since I’m a very frugal and boring mom, I decided to bring my son at the Hong Kong Science Museum. It is not only because the entrance fee is very much cheaper compared to Hong Kong Disneyland but also because it is the dwelling place of a very important guest that my son would truly love to have as a company for his birthday more than Mickey Mouse himself.

museum tickets

From the place that we are staying, we walked around 15 minutes to reach the Hong Kong Science Museum, we lined up and paid of our entrance… the birthday celebrant gets free pass. (No, all kids around his age are free to enter the museum). It showcases a lot of exhibits regarding science; light, mathematics, motion, sound, electricity, magnetism, occupational safety and health, food, telecommunications, transportation, even soy beans. 😉

My son was pretty much amazed by all the exhibits that are VERY NEW to him. He tried to examine almost everything that he can, curious and dumbfounded at the same time.

photo (16)

But, don’t get me wrong, that is not my idea of fun nor of a birthday celebration and definitely not even close to my definition of surprise. So, after a few inspections here and there, we invited him to the ground floor where our biggest and I mean BIGGEST surprise for him is waiting… a fossil of a true dinosaur, Lufengosaurus magnus to be exact. Isn’t that BIG?

photo (12)

My three year old son didn’t get to realize at first what is in front of him until we showed him a much familiar face of the dinosaurs, the ones similar to what he sees in Ice Age 3 – Dawn of the Dinosaurs (his most favourite movie so far). At that moment, his party started! 😉

photo (10)    photo (9)    photo (11)    photo (13)    photo (15)



  1. Kind of reminds me how one time my parents brought me to Ayala museum instead of Star City (susyal pa ang Star City nung early 90s LOL). The dino fossil exhibit looks very interesting! Too bad you can’t bring them home as souvenirs LOL.

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