Mother’s Day with the Stars

We went to Hong Kong last week to celebrate three special occasions; the first one is Mother’s Day. We had an early flight so we slept as soon as we arrived at the guest house and regain our strength to explore the city around three in the afternoon. We decided to walk around the area so we can be familiar with the place. We stayed at Golden Crown Guest House along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. A few minute walk from there will lead you to the Victoria Harbour where the 52 feet rubber ducky is floating until early June. We saw the rubber duck but there are so many people around that we didn’t get a chance to take a picture and be close to the duck. Besides it is so near the road that you cannot see it as a whole. I only get a glimpse of its yellow head and orange beak.

In order to avoid the rush in Victoria Harbour, we walked to our left heading to Avenue of Stars and there we found ourselves captivated by the charm of not only the Hong Kong skyline but also the clean and cool breeze coming from the bay. As we walk along, we get comforted by a sound that is so familiar…  it seems music to our ears… Dito, picturan mo ako dito! Isa pa! 😉

Here are some of our own pictures I’d like to share:

photo (5)

Hubby and Son

photo (6)

Hubby and Son with a Star

photo (4)

Martie and Bruce Lee

photo (3)

Marvin and Jackie Chan

photo (7)

Jet Li’s star is supposed to be for Lolo Dad (we miss you dad)

photo (8)

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! – Martie

Too bad we weren’t able to wait for the Symphony of Lights.



  1. It’s been more than 5 years since I went to HK with a couple of cousins, but the memory is still vivid. We were able to watch the Symphony of Lights, and it really was a spectacle. Too bad you missed it. Did you go to HK Disneyland too? 🙂

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