This year is a no WGWG (white guy with guitar) year for American Idol; since the top three idol hopefuls are all girls… maybe the charm of the WGWG had faded already or there was no WGWG contestant this season, honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t watched any episode of this season’s American Idol. Why? I don’t know either. Maybe I’m just not a fan, not a fan of the show and not a fan of watching TV.

So why am I writing this blog about the profile of the American Idol’s winner for half a decade? No, Im not exactly writing about these guys (see pictures below – in case you’re not familiar with them just like me),


but this is about the only WGWG in my life, my husband for half a decade now. Exactly 5 years ago, this photo was taken during the reception program of our wedding at Caleruega. The one and only WGWG in my life (drumroll)…


Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary! :-*



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