A young man indeed

In some of our nightly conversations, I once said to my son that he is already a young man and not a baby anymore (he’s turning 3 years old next month). But I didn’t know that he is taking it seriously until today.

My son is attending swimming lessons every Saturday at Ace Water Spa in Pasig City (it’s their second branch) under Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS – http://www.bertlozadaswimschool.com/).

photo (4)


The program is called My baby and Me, wherein the child who is accompanied by a parent is being taught by a swimming coach.

photo (3)

He’s swimming buddy is his dad while I am his personal assistant (you know how moms are). I stay at viewing area/lobby/waiting area of the spa taking care of everything partaking to the lesson procedure. First I’ll exchange their ticket for a pass and locker key, validate our parking pass, take pictures of the ongoing session, give him his surprise drinks and snacks after shower while waiting for his dad.

For a year now that is our routine, so when you ask me about the facilities of the spa, I cannot tell you much because I haven’t been into the official spa area, I don’t even know how the lockers looked like. All I know is that there’s one assigned locker room for male and one for female. That’s it.

Yesterday, I received a call from BLSS asking me if we could come for a photo shoot today with his coach. Of course, I said Yes! I asked her what I need to bring. She advised to just bring complete swimming attire. I didn’t further probe since I’m too excited. This would be my son’s first photo shoot. I can imagine the photographers and all the lights. I was even wondering where the photos will be used.

I asked my husband to drop us off at Ace Water Spa before he goes to his office in Makati, just in time for the early call time at 6am. Then I told him that I will just ask my cousin to fetch us after the photo shoot. He agreed to that set-up, confident that I can handle everything very well, besides it’s just a photo shoot, a few smile here and there and will be done in no time. And so I thought.

10 minutes passed 6 am we arrived at the venue, the camera were all set at the pool area and we heard that they are from Solar Sports. When his coach arrived, she gave each of us a pass and told us to meet her at the locker room. Inside the room she asked me if I will accompany my son to the pool this time… I answered with a big NO! I said I was not prepared since I wasn’t very well informed. Actually, it is half true. The one who called me yesterday said it’s a photo shoot and I assumed that it is just a pictorial. It didn’t even cross my mind that it could be an actual coverage of the class and if he will have a class, he needs a parent to swim with him (it’s My Baby and Me, remember?). What will I do now? I am not prepared at all.

His coach asked another swimming coach to be my son’s company for today’s class and my son approved the whole idea. They went to the pool area, start their class and the camera went rolling.

The shoot went on very well… I can see them from my usual spot at the viewing area/lobby/waiting area of the spa. Not a single tantrum or misbehavior. He may not have the best swimming skills among the 5 students who are part of the shoot today, but that doesn’t matter much to me. For me, he was exceptional, not as a swimmer but as a young man, ready to face any challenges that may come his way. May it be an unfamiliar face of a new coach handling the class, or the perception of a big camera paying much attention on what they are doing or the absence of his dependable swimming buddy… He was able to pull it off. Great job my son. Mommy is so proud of you. 🙂



  1. I have a 4 yo kid so I can totally relate here. I feel happy and proud everytime I see my child’s milestone. Oh.. parang kelan lang. Now she doesn’t want to be called a baby anymore. She’s not a baby daw, she is a kid! Hihi.

  2. Before reading this post yesterday I was looking for the swimming lesson in Bert Lozada and it just so happened that I saw as well the session of parent and babies. That is sound interesting and I’ve actually tried that to my niece already when she had her session in swimming. It is not important if he has the best swimming skills or not but the important matters here is that he knows how to swim and not scared of water at his very young age. Unlike other kids they are crying out loud in the water. I remember when I have swimming session in Lozada too that was held in Oakwood Makati which is Ascott already, it just so happened that there is also a session for kids. We were only 5 people on the pool of course me, coach, 2 kids and the mother. My God!!!!! the kid was really crying out loud as in it can hear up to the air from the ground because he was so afraid to swim whereas she was with her mother already carrying him. I am wondering during that time if how he was been taught to swim if he acts and cried like that?

    What I can say is that your son can practice more and who knows? He might be the next Michael Phelps of Philippine version? 😀

  3. Awww, that is indeed something to be proud of. 🙂 I didn’t know there are swimming lessons for kids that young. Oh well. I am one to speak–my daughter is only a year old and I’m already thinking of enrolling her in ballet class. 😛

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