Gourmet Pandesal

I have this talent that I’m very proud of… I can decipher if the food combination would taste great together or not without tasting. For as long as I have an idea of the taste of each items. And I have proven this talent to be working still after I became pregnant some 3 years ago where in my taste buds lost its tracks.

In one of my trips at the mall, I saw a branch of Pan de Manila and checked it for some pasalubong.

Aside from their usual pandesal, they are now offering quite a number of gourmet version of our very own salted bread. There is wheat pandesal, cheese pandesal and the one that really caught my eye is the cheese pesto pandesal.


I checked it out and it’s so soft (compared to cheese pandesal) and it smells so fresh. The aroma of the pesto lingers and gives a minty-herbed flavor to the bread. I grab 2 pcs. knowing exactly what would be the best filling to match this chic bread. And I’m sure my husband will like it and I would like to share it:

Cheese Pesto Pandesal with tuna filling:


Pan de Manila’s Cheese Peso Pandesal

Tuna Chunks in Water


Lettuce Leaves (optional)


  1. Mix drained tuna chucks with mayonnaise. Note: The proportion of the amount of mayonnaise against the amount tuna is relative to your liking, as for me, I know my husband prefers that the tuna is just covered with enough mayonnaise and not like the commercially prepared mayonnaise with bits of tuna. But I know some friends who prefer the latter, so it depends on your preference.  And no need to add salt and pepper because the pesto flavor of the bread will provide that.
  2. Slice the bread. It’s quite thick and packed type of bread, not much air to it so slicing is so easy. Any breadknife will do the trick.
  3. Put some tuna spread (thin only) at the bottom half of the bread. Top it with lettuce leaves. Note: The tuna spread will act as a barrier between the bread and the moisture from the lettuce leaves (especially if its shredded). I’m sure you do not want a soaked taste in your sandwich. Also, you may choose from either romaine lettuce or ice berg lettuce depending on your preference.
  4. Put generous amount of tuna spread at the top half of the bread. Put them together and Enjoy your pandesal gourmet style.


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