Easter Family Activity

We joined easter egg hunting activity for the first time… all of us are first timers; our son, me, my husband, my sister and her family. What can we expect from an easter egg hunting activity?

Venue: Fun Ranch Ortigas

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Price of ticket: 250 for adults and 500 for kids

Inclusions: Entrance to the party, photobooth, snacks and food cart items for everyone, plus loot bags and unlimited rides for kids.

I purchased the tickets in advance, so that we will have not to line up during the event. We arrived at the venue quite early, almost half an hour before the registration starts, so my son was able to enjoy his unlimited rides early. Together with his adult cousin they were able to try the carousel and Ferris wheel. Then just before entering the venue, he and his dad was able to score the train. Upon registration, lootbags for kids were given. I’m quite impressed that it contains significant amount of snacks for kids, though it doesn’t beat kindermusik’s loot bag as the biggest and heaviest loot bags I’ve seen so far. We settled in the first row next to the kids’ chair so that we can attend to my son while he is seating at the kids area.

We got some arts and crafts from Dong-A to keep my son occupied while waiting for the program to start, while we get to sample our popcorn and cotton candy. It feels good to be a kid once again.

When the program host greets everyone, most of the kids are seated or standing in front of the stage and it stayed that way until the end of the program.  There were games for kids and parents. Bubble show, mascot appearance and a lot of song and dance number form the hosts’ group. With all of these going in the venue, my son fell asleep. Maybe he’s not a fan for One Direction or Nicki Minaj or he wants to regain energy for the main event, the egg hunting. While he is sleeping, we noticed our stomach growling. It’s already passed 4pm and snacks are still missing in action… We didn’t ever heard the host announcing where to get those snacks, only to find out that it is already being served at the back. It is in another room that has a birthday banner hanging. Toink! I thought it is another kid’s party, and so as the other families there. Nevertheless we were able to eat the snacks they prepared. We also spot the photobooth but wasn’t able to get a picture it because they said its passed 5pm already, but then I saw several families were taken pictures after we inquired. Hmmp! And besides they are not even packing their things yet. Well I don’t know much about the arrangement with photobooth, I haven’t had any hands-on dealing with them so I will let this one pass. Besides, my son do not like the whole idea.

While eating our snacks, my son is called for the egg hunting. My husband joined him and they were able to score 3 eggs and exchanged it to more snacks and other prices.


After the 10 minute egg hunting activity and our stomach has settled down. We took more rides. The train again, bump boat, another carousel, horse, balloon ride and the giant swing (my son’s favorite). My son had a great time with the rides; we are fine with everything that happened but nothing exemplary for me. We can skip this next year and look for other activity during easter. A more intimate family activity perhaps.


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