Survivor Glass Garden

It’s the time of the year again; our son will attend their annual Music Festival, the culminating activity of Kindermusik by Teacher Jeannie and Company (I’ll tell you about this wonderful team on a separate post). We are so excited, our two year old son will have a tiny part in the program, he will play egg shakers together with his classmates in tune of “I say a little prayer for you”. Isn’t that cute? I even prepared some copy of the lyrics so that we (adults) can actively participate. Another reason that we are so excited is because he’ll be attending the festival with his friend Devin (one of my best friend’s son – automatically making him his “friend”). Lastly, I’m so excited because I know it’s going to be a fun day for all of us – yes, we’re not first timers.

I prepared early the day before the festival. I changed my “usual” bag into an overnight bag because I know that it would be easier for me to carry one huge bag with everything in it instead of 2 or 3 smaller bags. I put everything inside: extra shirt for me and hubby (in case of spills here and there), my wallet loaded with cash (there will be merchants selling a lot of cute stuff and yummy food), camera phone – fully charged, house keys and lyrics of the song. Then I prepared my son’s diaper bag, with the usual stuff, his clothes, towel, water, milk and some cookies for early morning snacks. Anyway there’s a lot there to buy – I’m sure! 🙂

On our way to the venue, The Glass Garden, we catch our breakfast… and we ordered a full meal, we thought of loading our stomach enough to give us a nice tweak for a fun filled day. Inside the car, my husband asked me to put his mobile phone together with mine in our overnight bag so that he can attend to our son with his floor activities without any hassle… so I did. We arrived quite early and we we’re able to score a nice parking spot, but since it’s an open parking, my husband thought of putting on the window shield and asked us to go ahead. I took our son with me and his diaper bag, and then I told my husband to bring our overnight bag. And off we go… we registered and meet with my friend’s family.

After registration, I saw my husband approaching. At last we can start exploring and enjoying the activity for the day. But my husband asked me a very unusual question… He asked me where my spare key for the car is… I answered him that it is in the other bag (my usual bag)… Then I asked him why? He said he left his key inside the car as well as our overnight bag. And everything went black.

And so I thought I fainted, however I did not. But the thought that we’re going to spend the day without anything, not even a cell phone to call for help or money to spend makes me feel numb. We’ve got nothing. It seems that The Glass Garden transformed into an isolated island…

How can we survive this day?

  1. We do not have a cell phone – but we have friends. My friend’s husband lends me his phone. I called my sister and asked for help.
  2. We do not have a single cent – but we have family. My sister arrived and gave us money.
  3. We do not have a camera to capture a once in a year important event for our son – but we still have each other to enjoy the whole day… and thanks to the photo booth!


A situation like this reminds us of the more important things in life.


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